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(First, I want to apologize for the awful look of this page, I sincerely regret not to be a skilled webmaster !)

A global overview of Valgui

A raw stack with no specific paths configuration

After configuring the paths a bit, like this:

The stack looks a bit clearer

Then after manipulating a bit the display toolbar (I hid the valgrind builtin frames, asked for short file names, hid the function parameters, stack addresses, ...):

An example of an unknown error. At a first glance, you really don't want to loose time debugging those... (even more if you have stripped libraries)

... mainly when you have some more infos to know where the error occurred from within your code...

... and even more if you have direct errors to correct first:

So I have opened two views on the same document. The left one is totally unfiltered. In the second one, as you can may see from the filters toolbar, I have hidden indirect and other errors, as well as enabled filters. So I have even enough space to view all the remaining errors and edit the source !

Just for the fun, a quick look at the filters edition form: